Nov. 19 March and Rally against the war

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Fellow activists,

Please add to your calendar:

Saturday, November 19, 12:30 pm:

Major march and rally against the war in Iraq (rescheduled from
September 25, when Rita hit). Organized by a coalition of more than
25 peace, justice, and religious groups. PAA is one of the sponsors.

-US forces are killing Syrians on the Iraq-Syria Border.

-The US is consolidating power in Iraq with a dubious constitution
and rigged elections.

-Right wing leaders in the US are calling for the overthrow of Hugo
Chavez in Venezuela.

-Mobilize your communities now!!

-Target the profiteers, media outlets and military recruiters that
support this empire!!

-Don't just march, organize for direct action.

Gather at noon in Market Square downtown at 300 Milam. Then march at
12:30 to Houston City Hall for a rally featuring performers,
speakers, and chants demanding that U.S. troops be pulled out. Bring
signs and banners that reinforce the event message.

To receive via email an event flyer in pdf format that you can
download, reproduce, and distribute, contact Herb Rothschild,

For other information, another contact is David Smith, 832.692.2306,

Watch for additional announcements as the date draws closer at the
PAA web wite and at