PAA's Event Summary for Sing Peace Event, March 19, 2005

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Theme for the Progressive Action Alliance's M19 event:

In their honor, Sing Peace
Images of Loss; Songs of Peace; Words of Reason On the 2nd anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, honor the US and Iraqi victims
with song, reflection, and candlelight.


  • The PAA event will be at Houston City Hall, around the reflection pond, officially starting at sunset (6:30 pm) and ending about 8:30 pm. The first hour (tentatively) will be broadcast on KPFT-FM.
  • We'll have recorded music of peace starting after 5:30 pm, with occasional announcements of what we're doing, and we'll start distributing literature as people arrive.
  • We hope to have names of all US coalition and Iraqi casualties, for whom we can get the names, printed and displayed at our event.
  • Names of US casualties (at least the ones from Texas) will be read. We also hope to be able to read names of Iraqi casualties, although many of the names are not available. Details are being worked out on this.
  • About 75% of the time will be devoted to singing peace songs. Some will be sing-along songs. About 25% of the time will be for speakers, including religious leaders, those reading names, plus an MFSO member (who is the mother of a reservist, mother-in-law to an active soldier deployed to Iraq now, and wife of adisabled veteran). Speakers will give personal statements about the human cost of the invasion and occupation, & are being asked NOT to attack Bush and the current administration. The focus is on Iraq.
  • The program will go on regardless of weather. With all the people being killed in Iraq each week, the least we
    can do is be willing to stand in the rain for two hours to remember and honor those who have fallen.

Speakers include:

  • Rabbi Saul Osadchey, of Congregation Or Ami
  • member of MFSO (Military Families Speak Out)
  • Hosam Aboul-Ela, University of Houston professor
  • Father David Wahl, of Pax Christi

Singers/Musicians/Sing-along song leaders include:
Anjali Natarajan, Dino Marcaccio, Gary Yokie, Bart Boyce, Tom Loud, Nelson Mills (tentative)

  • We'll have hand-held candles (in clear cups to block the wind and catch melted wax drips) to help set the
  • mood and provide light for reading song lyrics. Attendees will be invited to bring their own candles, but
  • we'll also have some for those who don't bring them.
  • We'll distribute literature to everyone present, which includes: words to some of the songs of peace that we
  • want everyone to sing together, educational info about the costs of the war/casualties/etc. with short stories to
  • illustrate the tragedy of the war. It will be in both Spanish and English.

Lead-up event: Code Pink members will be reading names of US and Iraqi casualties in downtown Houston
the day before the event, so there will be time to recognize the many Iraqi deaths, and to help publicize our
event the next day and increase interest for it.

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