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Mark Morford's Notes & Errata

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Morford: Let Us Blow Up Bill O'Reilly

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SFGate.com - Wednesday,
November 16, 2005

Us Blow Up Bill O'Reilly

Of course the PR-sucking Fox News
blowhard is off his nut. Again. Question is, Should you care?
Mark Morford

It's almost too easy. He's too easy a
target, really, Bill O'Reilly of the casually toxic Fox News, too
bloviated and too silly and too undercooked, and no one whose opinion you
truly value or with an IQ higher than their waist size actually watches
him with anything resembling intellectual honesty or takes anything he
says the slightest bit seriously. You hope.

Especially when he, like Pat Robertson ranting about how gays caused
Sept. 11 or that Dover, Pa., is now a doomed and godless hell pit, given how the town fired
every single one the imbecilic, intelligent design-supporting Repubs from
the school board, especially when Billy goes off his nut once again and
essentially wishes al Qaeda would attack San Francisco, well, it is up to
us to merely look at him like Shiva looks at a sea slug -- i.e., a moment
of compassion for his regrettable incarnation -- and then laugh and shake
our heads and move the hell on.

I mean, what else do you want to do? Allow him credence? Give his
infantile words any sort of weight and import? Let him slither into your
heart like a worm and fester and burn? O'Reilly is, after all, the Right's
most self-aggrandizing blowhard, one who still vilifies France like a
child who hates broccoli, one who has, next to Rush Limbaugh, perhaps the
worst spin in all of media.

And he is one who now suggests that because San Francisco dared to ban
aggressive military recruiting in our high schools so disadvantaged
18-year-olds won't be unwittingly sucked into the brutish military vortex
so they can be shipped off to Iraq to die for appalling and indefensible
reasons, al Qaeda should blow up Coit Tower. ...

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