Israeli gov. as guilty as our own

Submitted by PAAMember on December 16, 2005 - 9:00pm. ::

So what is it about Israel. You can't criticize em cause they hide behind the holocoust. Well baby, take a look at what they been doing.
Ever heard of the USS Liberty. That's alot of facts there, maybe boring for some. What about the way they just happen to bomb the crap out of whoever they want. No big deal, never makes the news.
OK, this is my big beef today. There are progressives who support KPFT, after KPFT moved flashpoints to 11pm. Flashpoints was responsible for getting my head up about what was really going down over in Palestine, OK? Now, why did ole Duane move Flashpoints to 11pm, they were the only news program that regularly dispensed the goods on what the Israeli gov. was doing. I mean some horrendous human rights abuses. MURDER of innocent babies, OK?
So , my beef is with the progressives who LOVE Israel. I Love the Israelis who stand up to their gov. the way we stand up to ours, but I hate the Israeli gov. the way I hate ours.
If you say you believe in Justice, Peace, OK. Stop supporting KPFT until they get back to the important business of reporting the news, all of the news, that is about these horrendous war crimes that our buddy, Israel is committing.
That's my beef. IF you are a progressive then get hip to what Israel has been doing and demand that KPFT bring back the reporting of it. In the mean time Israel is on my shit list.

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Submitted by PAAMember on December 17, 2005 - 12:00pm.

Thank you very much for your letter Randy. I agree with you about the Flashpoints guy. I felt the same way. A bit of an embarassment to me to hear him like that. I heard about the Liberty on KPFT, years ago. It angers me that these stories are so ignored by the media, who are given the airwaves with the understanding that they are responsible for keeping the american people informed. When will enough be enough. I feel like the whole public is being played.

Submitted by PAAMember on December 17, 2005 - 12:00pm.

I agree with your beef in principle. Israel has been on my shiplist for many years and I am as
disgusted by the cry-babies screaming "Antisemitism" as I am about O'Rielly's campaign to save
Christmas - both are based on similar superficial & questionable facts.

My only disagreement is that Flashpoints, while presenting badly-needed news stories, usually has
a very unprofessional tone. The host regularly starts screaming in a fanatical manner that reminds
me more of a evangelical preacher than a journalist.

I realize that he feels strongly about the stories he's reporting - I share that concern and
desperatly wish that it were possible to get those stories reported on corporate tv networks; but
that's not likely to happen while the host sounds like a weeping, wailing, gnashing-of-teeth
version of Limbaugh. The people who need most to hear the truth are not going to listen to him.

There's a good reason why Democracy Now! is being picked up by more & more PBS and other 'public'
channels - Amy & Juan deliver the news without screaming, crying or using the word "evil". In that
sense they sound like the professional journalists that they are. Consider the Wed night (10 pm?)
program called "Arab Voices". They deliver the same news reports as 'Flashpoints', but without the
screaming & crying.

Flashpoints would be a better, more professional-sounding news program if the on-air delivery were
handled by someone who can keep their head while delivering horrible news.

I also have the distinct impression that the KPFT management is afraid of pissing off people who
are willing to overlook, or at least minimize, the crimes committed by the Israeli government.

Speaking of the USS Liberty; I used to have a whole Bookmarks folder full of websites devoted to
the Liberty. I think one of them sold t-shirts that say "Remember the Liberty" and it's one of the
t-shirts that I intended to buy while I had a steady job. This is a topic that should be on the
lips of all veterans, especially us sailors, and should be brought up every time a candidate like
Radnofsky talks about veterans issues. I don't recall specifically, but I don't think you were
with us at the March 19 memorial/vigil where we read the names of the deceased. I inserted
"Remember the USS Liberty" along with a set of names I read.

Randy Scott
US Navy - USS Grapple ARS-7