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Subject: "depleted" uranium Albany area

Dear people and organizations who have expressed interest in DU in the
vicinity of NY state~

Today, Carole Ferraro, John Amidon, and I delivered the bulk of the DU
petition signatures, and provided Congressman McNulty's staffer, Charles
Diamond, with a great deal of information on DU.  He expressed a keen
interest in the subject, and we plan to keep in touch with him, and he
with us.   

Perhaps you may wish to write Congressman McNulty, and cc Charles
Diamond, concerning DU.  For your info, the letter we carried to Charles
Diamond today is copied below.  It highlights what we feel are some of
the most crucial aspects at this time.

In the next 3 weeks, we have visits set up with staff of Senators Clinton
andSchumer, and plan to cover similar ground.  We are pleased to be
forging face to face working relationships with legislators' staff, as one of
the many avenues of communication necessary.

Joan Walker tells me a big push to lobby for the NYS bill on DU is likely
at the end of January. More later!



Dear Charles Diamond,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us and accept the bulk of our
over 500 petition signatures regarding "depleted" uranium. The vast majority
of these signers are local, and represent a keen interest in the issue. The
"Depleted" Uranium Weapons Network of the Hudson Mohawk Region attempts to
inform and network with the signers and the many organizations interested in
the issue. Some of these organizations include Veterans for Peace, Community
Concerned about NL Industries (in Colonie), Peace Action, Women Against War,
Campus Action, Military Families Speak Out, No DU Hudson, SAFE Legacy,
Physicians for Social Responsibility, and Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace, to
name a few.


Would you publicly announce your intent to attend a Congressional Briefing
on "depleted uranium," proposed by Rep. Maurice Hinchey?

What is your position on HR 2410 Depleted Uranium MunitionsStudy Act,
introduced by Rep. James McDermott [D-WA] and several other cosponsors?

Would you recommend that the US Military, one of the biggest polluters in
the world, consider endorsing the Precautionary Principle in the interest of
providing lasting security for generations to come? "Depleted" uranium, like
Agent Orange, leaves a legacy of toxicity long after troops have withdrawn.

Would you consider attending the First National Conference on Precaution
June 9-11, in Baltimore?

We want you to know of NYS Assembly bill 9116 prefiled by Assemblyman
Dinowitz, regarding Depleted Uranium, and have brought the text with our
information for you.

Please be in touch with us concerning "depleted" uranium.


The "depleted" uranium weapons delegation of 12/21/05 visit


Sheree Craigue            
        Carole Ferraro    
John Amidon

a cofounder, DUWNHMR     a cofounder, DUWNHMR
    Veterans for Peace

518 286-0359            
          518 463-0095

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