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Once again Tom has come up with a wonderful tribute to so many who are no
longer with us.  Please, listen and pass it on.




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Season's Greetings

color=#808000>My latest effort "I Miss You" began as a
2005 retrospective. Originally written for the WTC commemoration in
September, a handful of  "Military Families" heard the song and
contacted me. In spite of the many tragic events of 2005, I focused the
majority of this project on our Soldiers and their Families. With all
of the recent attention received for "BushWhacked", 
my hope is that
"I Miss You" will serve to remind a few Americans
about the daily sacrifices that seem to wind up on page 16 in the morning paper.
If you agree, please share this with a friend or

Tsunamis, Earthquakes and Hurricanes are not

This War
                                                                                               face=Georgia>  "I
Miss You"
    href="http://www.tomsongs.com/images/IMISSYOU.wmv" target=_blank> color=#ff0000>http://www.tomsongs.com/images/IMISSYOU.wmv

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Submitted by PAAMember on December 29, 2005 - 11:00pm.

Thanks, Amy, for sending this. I just got a chance to listen/watch "I Miss You".

Tom Chelston has some powerful music, and the images that go with "I Miss You" make it even more so. I was tearing up by the time it was half way through, and I'm not even in the situation you are, not having lost any family member for a number of years.

"Bushwhacked" (also on http://www.tomsongs.com/pages/3/index.htm ) is also something everyone should listen to.

I hope that 2006 is a better year for peace than the last three years have been. It's sometimes difficult to be optimistic, but I think that public opinion is undergoing a major shift regarding Bush and the Iraq occupation, and 2006 is likely to bring major changes for the better. I'm certainly going to keep working to encourage those changes.


At 2:53 PM -0600 12/27/05, Amy Branham wrote:
>Once again Tom has come up with a wonderful tribute to so many who are no longer with us. Please, listen and pass it on.