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9 January 2006
You are receiving this letter because you are a recognized member-organizer of a local progressive group. My name is Kate LePree and I am writing on behalf of the Houston Chapter of The World Can

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Submitted by PAAMember on January 15, 2006 - 2:02am.

I got this from MoveOn.org:

Hi all,

Did you know that anyone can go online and purchase the cell phone or home phone records of people like us?  Today, AMERICAblog was able to buy the personal cell phone records of former presidential candidate Gen. Wesley Clark. It's outrageous.

I just found out and signed an emergency petition to Congress telling them to quit ignoring this problem.

Even at a time when our right to privacy is under attack on multiple fronts, the idea that someone can simply go online and buy our incoming and outgoing phone records seems unbelievable - but it is true, and it must be stopped immediately.

Please sign this emergency petition to your Member of Congress today.