[ARTICLE] Pentagon FORBIDS troops to buy better body armor

Submitted by PAAMember on January 19, 2006 - 7:00pm. ::

Can someone from one of our groups validate this?

It apparently was on Daily Kos recently (see the

If true ... one more piece of evidence about "supporting
our troops" that we need to disseminate.



Pentagon FORBIDS troops to buy better body armor

Army Orders Soldiers to Shed Dragon Skin or Lose SGLI Death Benefits
By Nathaniel R. Helms

Two deploying soldiers and a concerned mother reported Friday afternoon
that the U.S. Army appears to be singling out soldiers who have
purchased Pinnacle's Dragon Skin Body Armor for special treatment. The
soldiers, who are currently staging for combat operations from a secret
location, reported that their commander told them if they were wearing
Pinnacle Dragon Skin and were killed their beneficiaries might not
receive the death benefits from their $400,000 SGLI life insurance
policies. The soldiers were ordered to leave their privately purchased
body armor at home or face the possibility of both losing their life
insurance benefit and facing disciplinary action.

The soldiers asked for anonymity because they are concerned they will
face retaliation for going public with the Army's apparently new
directive. At the sources' requests DefenseWatch has also agreed not to
reveal the unit at which the incident occured for operational security


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Submitted by PAAMember on January 22, 2006 - 2:03am.

Freaking unbelievable. Anne

From:  steve banyai <>
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Subject:  defective body armor- no [clothes]shame for the cabel
Date:  Sat, 21 Jan 2006 18:01:22 -0800 (PST)
  where is the free press in the "LAND OF THE FREE"


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