Submit your events to the calendar!

Submitted by PAAMember on October 24, 2005 - 3:01pm. ::


Please help us keep the PAA event calendar updated!

FYI - you may now submit your own events to be included on the
calendar. You do not require any login / password in order to submit
an event. All submissions are subject to approval and typically
require 24 hours to approve. Event administrators will receive an
email that an event has been posted, after which your posting will be
reviewed / approved.

On the front page, right hand side (below the upcoming events list),
there is a link to "submit an event"

* Please try to categorize events to specify what they are - i.e. - a
conference, election, event, fundraiser, etc..., simply by clicking
on the appropriate choice

* and if the event pertains to a specific action group / committee,
please include that as well.

* Lastly, the location, and particularly, the zip (postal) code is
critical information to include in the location settings as it is the
zip code that provides the automatic generation of a link to Yahoo
maps. This is done automatically for you.

please report any problems / issues / questions to

have fun!