Fwd: upcoming sustainability events in Houston

Submitted by PAAMember on October 25, 2005 - 12:01am. ::

>Saturday 10/29, 8-12am Sierra Club community cleanup in Fifth Ward,
>713.269.2711 or
>email reginald.
>Sunday, 10/30, 1-5pm Solar Home Tour by Houston Renewable Energy Group.
>Locations on the tour listed at http://www.txses.org/hreg/tour.php
>Drive yourself or meetup for carpooling at 12:45 at Meyerland
>Shopping Center in front of Penney's.
>Afterwards - social gathering from 4-7pm at the Gardner/McPhail
>residence which is a stop on the tour.
>For more information, contact Mike Ewart
>November 15, Tuesday, 6pm and 8pm. "End of Suburbia", a movie
>about how the end of cheap oil will affect our lives, will be shown
>at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston sponsored by Sierra Club and
>Documentary Alliance.
> http://www.mfah.org/main.asp?target=films&par1=1&par2=307&par3=514
>Matthew Simmons will answer questions after the first showing and
>introduce the second showing. Simmons is a Houston energy
>investment banker and a citizen urging the nation to prepare for
>rising energy prices.
>Nan Hildreth, Houston
>713-443-3104 cell
>3939 Luca St.
>Houston, Tx 77021