What I've Learned About US Foreign Policy DVD!

Submitted by PAAMember on November 30, 2005 - 2:01pm. ::

Bill brought the

What I've Learned About US Foreign Policy - The War Against the 3rd

DVD to the Walmart Movie showing at the Artery and was kind enough to
let us borrow it / watch it. Man,... all I can say is that this
documentary is nothing short of amazing and it certainly leads people
to discover the corrupt / covert wars that have been carried on IN
OUR NAME dating back to the 40s in third world countries. People
always ask the question - WHY do "THEY" hate us so much? well - this
provides one of the answers.

I have purchased DVDs to send to key family and friends this holiday
season - they also "encourage" copying according to the website - if
anyone would like a copy, I'm happy to make you one, but if you can
afford to support this effort, please do by purchasing the DVD or VHS.


we should really organize showings of this film wherever / whenever
possible.... if you could only watch a single movie dealing with
this topic, this is it. It covers SO many issues including:

* assassination of Martin Luther King
* CIA veterans discussing our various actions over the years - these
are the ones who are speaking out against the establishment
* cover up behind the Iran Contra affair
* School of the Americas (Susan Sarandon narrates)
* Genocide by Sanctions - the first Gulf War in Iraq
* Amy Goodman segment on the genocide in Indonesia
* The Panama deception (our war against Panama led by Shrub I)
* Ramsey Clark
* Brian Willson - Vietnam Vet

it is truly outstanding and covers so much - this movie is graphic in
nature, not suitable for children IMHO, but it is not so graphic that
I, a VERY squeamish individual who still can't get through all of
www.FallujahInPictures.com, could easily view.

if anyone wants a copy, I'm happy to provide one, but I would
appreciate like.. a $1 to cover the DVD media cost.